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“We believe in treating the patient and helping him achieve the best possible sex life. When positive things start happening in the sex life of an individual, it starts bringing spectacular changes in his normal life too. The aim is to transform not only the sex life of our patient but also his whole life in general. During treatment all the aspects are covered.”

Dr D H Bagalkot Founder of Dr.Bagalkot’s Sexual Health Clinic And Ashwa Ayurvedic and Unani Center.

We Are India’s No. 1 Online Sexual Health Consultation Website.

Maintaining Your Sexual Health Plays An Important Role In Our Lives

The idea behind the online consultation facility on our website is to provide men expert advice and guidance in total privacy of their home irrespective of whether they live in India or abroad.

We are here to help you if you face serious relationship problems with your partner because of sexual health problems like erection issues, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual desire, insecurity about the size of penis or just the loss of self- confidence due to the inability to perform in bed.

Besides, The Online Consultation, You Also Have The Option Of Getting A Consultation At Our Clinics In Hubbali And Our Monthly Camps In

And Near By Your Cities Consult Our Certified Psychologist Counsellor’s, Doctor’s Therapist’s Personally Your privacy Is 100% Considered As Priority.

Dr. Bagalkot’s Sexual Health Clinic has a dedicated team of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists who are fully trained and committed to help resolving the sexual health issues of our patients (over 40,000) and to get them to regain their confidence in bed.

We Are India’s No. 1 Online Sexual Health Consultation Website.

Our top rated doctors

Psy. A. D Bagalkot

Sexual Health Counsellor


✔️ Fellowship in Sexology And Psychosexual Therapy
✔️ Lifetime Member Of INDIAN Society of Sex Medicine
✔️ WNHO Institute of Sexology, Pune, India
✔️ Affiliated Under Institutional Membership
✔️ The American College of Sexologist (ACS) INTERNATIONAL
✔️ Pgdip : In Reproductive Health Care ( Medvercity)
✔️ Hijama (Cupping Therapist) Hydrabad..

Dr S G Chavan



Dr Mumtaz Begum



Dr W.D Bagalkot

Naturopathic Doctors


Rumana Shah

Cupping Therapist


Dr D. H. Bagalkot

Senior Unani Consultant

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